The ToolBox 4 Creativity framework puts the participants of your training and workshops at the centre of the development experience

With ToolBox 4 Creativity you will engage the attendees of your workshop, from the start until the end, as they physically build prototypes of games and systems

Fostering Creativity

Driving Productivity

Toolbox 4 Creativity is a new learning solution, a revolutionary approach to facilitating training, a game some may say, that fosters creativity among groups of people and increases the productivity value of the session

The product not only works in multiple scenarios but is also tailored to work with a multitude of cognitive variations ensuring diversity and inclusion on many levels

Our Learning solution is the ideal addition to any trainer’s toolbox

Whether you are facilitating 

  • Project Management courses
  • Leadership workshops
  • Ideation and problem solving sessions
  • Risk identification
  • Employee induction mandatory training

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